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Overlook Hotel "The Shining" Key Tag Small

Sale price$21.00


The Room Card of this listing is small size: 2.15" x 1.20”
Introducing our meticulously designed "The Shining" Room Key Card Tag—a sought-after addition for collectors. After weeks of searching for an authentic 237 Room Key Card, we took matters into our own hands, designing two sizes: the original 3.50"x1.50" for tags and key fobs, and a smaller 2.15"x1.20" for decoration.

Printed with "Room No. 237" on one side and the iconic Overlook Hotel logo on the other, our tag captures the essence of the movie. The set is incomplete without the brass Overlook Hotel Key, expertly crafted by Kathy, featuring the logo on both sides.

Enhanced with a hook for easy bag attachment, and hand-polished hardware ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy, this luggage tag is a flawless addition for fans and collectors alike. A perfect and unique gift.

Overall Measurements:

  • Room Card: 2.15" x 1.20”
  • Key: 2.65" x 1.25”
Overlook Hotel "The Shining" Key Tag Small  MCW Handmade
Overlook Hotel "The Shining" Key Tag Small
Sale price$21.00