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Madonna Inn Card Wallet

Sale price$28.00

With a nod to the Victorian era, MCW’s freshly combines the classic and elegant design of the traditional carpet bag with a textural and tactile twist.

This cute yet functional card wallet is is made with rich chenille carpet fabric, silky lining and kiss lock clasp, it's a perfect addition for your purse, or fits in jean pockets when you are not wanting to carry a bag.

Besides credit cards and ID, the card slots can hold business cards or work badge as well, and you can put bills in the 2 deeper end card slots.

The Vertical design has 11 individual card slots and the Horizontal has 17, the 2 end card slots are deeper than others because of the accordion structure.

Overall measurements:

Horizontal 17 card slots:
• Bag size: 4-1/4”W x 1-1/2”D x 4-1/4”H
• Card slots: 17

Vertical 11 card slots:
• Bag size: 3-1/8”W x 1-1/4”D x 4-3/4”H
• Card slots: 11

Madonna Inn Card Wallet main
Madonna Inn Card Wallet
Sale price$28.00